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How Do You Know If That Local Electrician Is The Right Choice?

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Essential Tips to Hire Your Next Electrician

People increasingly trust the internet to find the best professionals in the area. A search for “Electrician Near Me” should yield the best companies at the top of the page. Emphasis on “should.” But believe it or not, you might just end up with an electrical fire if the electrician has nothing going for him but proximity.

Many times companies with bad business practices and terrible customer service end up on the front page because they are simply near. Of course, you can always check their customer reviews, but that’s only a start. The tips below are signs to look for that can indicate if the electrical company you’re looking at is a joke.

Do They Have Safety Equipment?

Safety should be a priority for any company, no matter what service they’re performing. This is even more important when working with electricity. Not only does the proper safety equipment protect the workers, but it also protects you, your home, and your family.

The last thing you want is exposed wires hanging out of your wall or ceiling, whether they are live or not. Technicians from top-tier companies will often give you a safety rundown before the job starts, to make sure you’re on the same page.

If you notice a lack of safety equipment or protocols, you should consider requesting another technician or changing to a different company altogether. If the company doesn’t provide their employees with the proper equipment and training, it’s a big red flag.

Their Customer Service Could Use Improvement

It’s no big secret that, in order to stay competitive, a company needs to put its best foot forward. Fortunately, this is relatively easy to do. Providing good customer service should be one of the first priorities for any company. This is why, when you encounter poor customer service, it’s normal to be worried about the quality of the work to follow. This can be anything from a rude interaction while scheduling an appointment, a change in the initial quote, or playing phone tag.

If you message the company through their website, it shouldn’t take them more than a couple of hours to get back to you. Chances are if you encounter poor customer service when calling that number listed at the top of the search results, the rest of your experience with that company isn’t going to be any better.

Rescheduling is More Than Inconvenient

Another big red flag to be on the lookout for comes in the form of constant rescheduling. Once again, this is pretty easy to get right – at least for a competent electrician company. It’s bad enough when a technician shows up at your house late for an appointment, but it’s even worse when they never show up at all or call to reschedule.

One reschedule may be forgivable, if the other aspects of your interaction have been positive, but any more than once is a joke. Constant rescheduling speaks to a lack of organization and preparedness and poor service in general. Combine that with a lack of safety equipment and you’ll be wondering why you ever believed those page one search results in the first place.

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