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Think You Know About The Dangers Of Hiring A Plumber Without Qualifications?

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Why a Plumber Without Qualifications is a Red Flag

Houses are very durable. In most cases, they can withstand wind, hail, snow, rain, and other types of storms. However, even though houses seem like they would be invincible, they still need some TLC. Having a house without proper care can lead to some dangerous realities. For example, common plumbing issues can arise from a lack of maintenance. A small leak in a pipe may not seem like a big deal, but over time if it expands it could cause serious water damage and flooding in the home. Or if there is a small crack in the outdoor plumbing pipes, roots can enter into the pipe and cause root clogs that block the entire plumbing system.

This is why it’s so important to execute proper plumbing maintenance regularly and use a professional plumber to do so.

The Necessity of a Plumbing Degree

Professional plumbers always have a plumbing degree to ensure that they know the details of the services they have to do. Each plumbing issue is unique in its own way, so plumbers need to be prepared for any situation. Having a degree shows that they have the logic and experience needed to approach and resolve each problem.

In the courses of the plumbing degree, they learn about different plumbing theories, water hydraulics, and the parts of the plumbing distribution system. Having this knowledge helps them to distinguish between how to fix a toilet clog versus a root clog, or how to fix a leaking pipe versus a burst pipe.

Of course, in addition to the degree, plumbers also have to complete multiple years of experience through an apprenticeship program in order to become licensed. Becoming a plumber is not easy that’s why having a degree and a plumbing license helps reassure homeowners that the plumber is educated, experienced, and can fix the plumbing issue the right way.

What Happens When Plumbers Don’t Have Permits?

For small plumbing projects or minor repairs, such as fixing a leaking sink faucet, a permit is not required. However, most plumbing projects are a bit more involved than this. Whenever the existing plumbing system is altered, a plumbing permit is required. This includes everything from replacing water heaters to altering the piping that exists inside of the walls, the ceiling, or under the floor.

Having a permit ensures that any repairs or replacements stay within the state’s regulations to keep the home, and the people living in it, safe. Without a permit, the plumbing system may not be within code and could become unsafe to use. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that the plumber they hire has an up-to-date license and permit. Otherwise, they could be fined.

Unqualified Plumbers Use the Wrong Tools

When most people start a new job, they don’t really know what they are doing. It takes some time to get through the training and onboarding processes, and it’s so important to receive those training sessions, especially for plumbers. Without proper training, plumbers could end up using the wrong tools for the wrong pipes, or replace pipes with the wrong materials.

Making an error like this could cost homeowners an extra plumbing service to fix up the resulting issues. As a homeowner, it’s important to do due diligence and research plumbers to make sure they are educated, experienced, and have a permit to ensure the plumbing issue will be fixed correctly.

About Fox & Sons

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