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Spring Hose Bib 101

Hose Bib, Spigot

It’s that time of year again when spring slowly starts to appear, and we start to shift gears around the home from indoor to outdoor projects.

One of the most used tools in the spring for outdoor maintenance is the spigot, otherwise known as the hose bib. From power washing the house & deck to watering flowers and sprinkler fun having a spigot working properly is a necessity. With proper care and maintenance during winter shut down and spring opening, homeowners can avoid damage to their homes and the expensive repairs that go with it.

As you are opening your spigots and running water through your hose for the first time in the spring here are some steps to follow to ensure a smooth opening.

If you turned the water off for the outdoor hose bib to prevent freezing over the winter you will want to first turn the water supply back on before attempting to turn the spigot on. If you turn the water on at the valve and notice any water, it is important to find where it is coming from and fix it before going any further. If you are unable to locate the issue, the Fox Plumbing Heating Cooling Electrical will be happy to diagnose and repair any leaks.

Check for leaks within the home after you have turned the hose bib on for the first time. This may seem a little odd but if the pipes have cracked from winter freezing it is more likely to notice a leak once the water is flowing through the pipe into the spigot once again. If you notice a crack or small leak in any of the joints call Fox Plumbing Heating Cooling Electrical before your small leak turns into a burst pipe.

Check the exterior hose bib for signs of a leak. Small drips that continue throughout the summer are not only the cause of a wet mess but also the extra water around the foundation can lead to interior and exterior damage. You will want to have the plumbers Fox out to repair or replace your hose bib if you notice is it dripping at the spigot.

If you have any questions as you prepare for spring and maintaining your home’s plumbing systems give the plumbers at Fox a call at 1-833-263-5534 and we would be happy to help.

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Hose Bib, Spigot

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