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Nontraditional Plumbing Solutions for Unique Homes

Plumbing, Plumbing Solutions, Retrofitting, Nontraditional Plumbing Solutions for Unique Homes

One of the most unique aspects in Canada is the architectural diversity seen throughout the country. While the East Coast and Eastern Provinces of the country are home to some of the Country’s oldest structures and beautiful examples of traditional architecture.

Vernon and surrounding communities are home to some beautiful heritage buildings and homes. The plumbing systems in these homes are, just as diverse as the homes themselves.

Nontraditional and nonconventional plumbing exists in many different forms. If you recently purchased an older property or plan to purchase real estate in the near future, you should know your options for plumbing, retrofitting, and ensuring energy efficiency. Unconventional living is also becoming more popular. More Americans than ever are choosing off-grid living and self-sustainability. Whether you’re purchasing a vintage home or moving off the grid, it’s good to know your plumbing options.


In some cases, it’s best to start over when it comes to a home’s plumbing system. It’s always best to have the piping in your property professionally installed to ensure that it is completely up to date with the latest building codes and provides the highest efficiency levels. Pipes are often overlooked until a major pipe issue occurs. When you have the opportunity to completely rebuild a property’s pipe system, it’s typically worth the investment.


The plumbing fixtures and fittings throughout your home must meet various compliance standards that evolve over time. Perhaps you purchased an older property or the building code for your area recently changed. The plumbing fixtures in your home may no longer be compliant. Additionally, new technologies could be retrofitted into your system safely by a professional plumber, allowing you to ensure not only code compliance for your property but also improve efficiency and safety.
Some property owners have had tremendous results by marrying traditional plumbing fixtures with modern plumbing technology, allowing older, functional plumbing systems to remain in place with minor additions and adjustments. A professional plumbing team can inspect your property to determine which retrofits could improve your property’s overall plumbing performance.

Aesthetic Plumbing Installation

Sometimes property owners have interior design ideas that involve the creative placement and use of plumbing. For example, showers, tubs, and sinks with exposed plumbing can be creatively designed. Smart sensors can be integrated with faucets and lights for a more personalized experience. Some homeowners may choose aesthetic plumbing installations simply to make their homes more their own while others can boost their property values by offering potential buyers something unique.
It’s possible to have unconventional plumbing in your home when you have a unique layout, location, or construction type that demands a nontraditional plumbing solution. Working with an experienced team of plumbers for your unconventional plumbing needs is the best way to ensure you can accomplish your goals safely and in compliance with applicable regulations.

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Plumbing, Plumbing Solutions, Retrofitting,  Nontraditional Plumbing Solutions for Unique Homes
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