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6 Reasons to Invest in a Standby Generator

standby generator 6 reasons to invest in a standby generator power outage fox plumbing heating cooling electrical

standby generator
6 reasons to invest in a standby generator
power outage
fox plumbing heating cooling electrical
Life changes when utility power fails. Power outages have become more frequent, especially in an increasingly connected world. During a power outage, your home loses lights, heat, and central air, and renders your small appliances useless.

Get automatic emergency backup power moments after a power outage.

We often take these conveniences for granted because they’re always available. But what happens when they’re not?
The power goes out and the generator turns on!
Thunderstorms, ice storms, local blackouts, and even the mighty squirrel can sabotage the power in your house or cottage.

6 Reasons to Invest in a Standby Generator:

A Standby Generator has more power and is more convenient than a portable generator

A standby generator, like an air conditioning unit, is installed outside your home and connected to your electrical panel. When the power goes out the generator powers up in seconds.

Maintain control of your home or cottage

Installing a home generator guarantees access to clean drinking water from the well at the cabin and control over the thermostat, lighting, appliances and all of your smart home devices.

Avoid flood damage by keeping your sump pump powered

In many areas around the region, flooding is a concern, in the event the power is or goes out during a heavy downpour, your sump pump will remain fully operational.

Keep food in your fridge and freezer fresh and safe

After a power outage, many people throw away the food in their refrigerator or freezer a home generator will allow your refrigerator to keep running and all your food to stay fresh.

Power all of your essential appliances

A standby generator can power your entire home if the power fails. When sized correctly your home should function as normal from lights to major appliances, your HVAC System, and even modern comforts like computers and TV’s.

Keep the kids calm by keeping the lights on

Different types of storms can make children and pets anxious. knowing that even if the power goes out, the lights will stay on to help everyone stay calm.

If you are ready to decide to protect your power supply, contact Fox Plumbing Heating Cooling Electrical today.
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