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Everyday Outdoor Lighting

Permanent outdoor lighting, or Architectural Lighting, is becoming increasingly popular. As with most products that become popular, there are more options and providers coming on the market and it can be frustrating and confusing trying to sort out the different claims that are being made (everyone will tell you that their product or service is the best).

10 Ways Outdoor Lighting Will Make You the Envy of the Neighborhood

  • Your house will stand out on the street
  • End of the “outdoor lights fights”
  • No more outdoor lighting accidents
  • Find your keys and the keyhole at night
  • Show your team spirit
  • Your beautiful yard should be seen at night too
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Stop unwanted traffic through your yard
  • Celebrate every holiday with the ease of an app
  • Get rid of the skunks and other pests for good.

4 Things to Consider Before You Buy Permanent Outdoor Lighting:

No Plastic & Copper Connectors

We’re the only company in Canada that Solders & Heat Shrinks their holiday lights strings together. The more plastic and copper connectors you have in a string of lights the more opportunity you have for failure and problems, especially for Architectural Lighting. We know, we’ve been doing this for a long time. We used to have a full-time service crew to deal with the copper & plastic connectors. Now we don’t!

Canada Cold Proofed

​Most outdoor lights are rated to -20 and we’re the only company in Canada to
offer  holiday lighting options with a low temperature rating of -55 degrees.

Weather Proofed

We’re the only company in Canada with a lifetime waterproof rating on our Architectural lighting services.​ That means
the lights are rated to be waterproof for a lifetime of Canadian Winters

Fire Proofed

We’re the only company in Canada whose architectural lights are fireproof. This means that
you will never be in danger of a fire starting from your holiday lights.

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Fox Plumbing Heating Cooling Electrical takes great pride in being a name that Vernon can depend on. Over the more than 20 years we’ve been in business, we’ve been able to solve all manner of plumbing, HVAC and electrical issues, so there’s no job too difficult for us!

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