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Go Green This Year With These Eco-Friendly Light Decorations

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Eco-Friendly Light Decorations for the Holidays

The holiday season tends to bring with it a beautiful thing: generosity. People add a little extra to the tip on their dinner bill, they volunteer more often at soup kitchens and other events, they are more willing to donate money to those in need or to nonprofit organizations, they smile at strangers walking down the sidewalk, and countless other acts. It’s the time of year where people take care of each other.

The world should be taken care of too, but unfortunately, many holiday decorations are not all that eco-friendly. This year, while shopping around for holiday lights and other decorations, consider buying products that are beautiful for the home and eco-friendly for the world.

Hang LED Indoor LightsHoliday lights are a well-loved decoration for many homeowners. These lights are used to decorate the home both inside and out. They get wrapped around the Christmas tree in the living room, hung around the staircase banister, and placed in various other places in the home to bring some holiday cheer. LED indoor lights are a great, eco-friendly option for this type of decoration.

LED lights last much longer than incandescent or halogen bulbs; on average, they last 35,000 hours! They are also much more energy efficient. In fact, LED lights have an 80-90% efficiency, which means that 80-90% of their energy is used to produce light rather than heat.

This is great for safety too because when lights are intertwined with Christmas tree branches or a wreath hanging in the hall, the last thing anyone would want would be the lights heating up and starting a fire. So play it safe, and play it green this year with LED indoor lights.

Use Solar-Powered Lights Outdoors

Hanging holiday lights outdoors can be a bit of a hassle. First, it’s cold as heck! So the number one thing on a person’s mind while hanging lights outside is “let’s make this quick!” But also, the outlets never seem to be in a convenient place. Either the string of lights isn’t quite long enough to get plugged in, or people end up with 20+ extension cords just to try and make it work.

Solar power lights can help to eliminate this hassle because they don’t need to be connected to an outlet in order to receive power. Even on cloudy winter days, they’ll still receive sunlight and power up for the next night.

Try LED Candles

There are so many innovative LED light decorations for the holidays. Whether it’s hanging chandeliers, window curtain string lights, or LED candles, there are plenty of eco-friendly options to choose from.

These decorations give a sense of variety during the holidays. Most people have lights around their tree or on their front porch, but it’s time to try using holiday lights in other ways too!

Simply adding Light Emitting Diode candles, either with a candle holder or without, as a part of the centrepiece decoration can bring a sense of uniqueness to the dinner table.

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