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What Hot & Cold Spots Can Reveal About Your Heating & Cooling System

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What Hot and Cold Spots Divulge About Your HVAC System

Have you ever walked from a comfortable room in your home over to a room that’s hotter or colder than the rest of the house? Or do you notice irregular temperatures throughout your entire home? You might have a problem with your HVAC system causing these irregularities.

There are many reasons that your HVAC system may be creating hot and cold spots in your home. Some of these issues are complex, like improper ductwork or home renovation complications, and some are easy fixes, like airflow problems. Below you’ll find tips for addressing your potential airflow issue.

Are Airflow Problems Causing Hot and Cold Spots In Your Home?

airflow problemsYour HVAC system pushes and pulls air throughout your home to regulate the temperature. The air travels through ducts, through an air filter that removes contaminants, and then out your air vents. The first thing you’ll want to check is to ensure your air vents aren’t closed or being obstructed.

Since air vents can be located on the ceiling, the floor, and anywhere in between, it’s easy for things like a rug or furniture to accidentally be blocking airflow. This imbalance could result in hot and cold spots in the home. The next thing to check would be your air filter. As the air moves through your ductwork, it’s also pushed through an air filter.

This filter removes air pollution like pet dander, mould, dust, and other toxins, but can become bogged down if the filter isn’t changed often enough. If the filter becomes clogged with contaminants, the air isn’t able to be pushed through efficiently, which can result in hot and cold spots in the home.

Why Hot And Cold Spots Develop

It’s always important to pay attention to any changes you notice with your HVAC system. While your hot and cold spots could easily be due to a blocked vent or air filter, it could also be due to dirty ducts. These ducts carry the air that your air filter treats, before being pushed out to be recirculated through the home. The same grime that collects in your air filter, collects on the inside of your ductwork too.

why hot and cold spots

Anything that restricts airflow, like blocked vents, clogged air filters, or dirty ducts, puts more pressure on your compressor motor. When the compressor is repeatedly stressed it stops working as efficiently. This not only affects the temperature of your home and your air quality but can also cause your electric bill to increase by up to 25% and decrease the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Fixing Airflow Problems Before They Start

fixing airflow problemsPreventing common HVAC issues before they start is always the best, but if you are having issues here’s what to do. Once you’ve made sure your air vents are all open and clear, you’ll want to give your local technicians a call.

They’ll start by ensuring you have a clean air filter and also clean and inspect your ductwork. Pros suggest having an air duct cleaning every 3-5 years to keep your HVAC system running without a hitch.

Making sure air can flow unobstructed will ensure a long life for your overall system. While your technician is there, they can also take a look to rule out any of the more complex issues that can cause hot and cold spots like renovation complications or incorrectly sized HVAC equipment.

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